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logic machine of the time; the name was one of his whimsies.Fuckup's real claim to uniqueness was a programmed stochastic process whereby it could "throw" an i ching hexagram, reading' a random open circuit as a broken (yin) line and a random closed circuit as a full (yang) line until six such "lines" were round.

We are committed to building crushing, industrial grinding, ore processing and green building materials, and provides intelligent solutions and mature supporting products.

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    regarding the figures; i think there's reasonable gray space between "22 parts for a single 1.5 inch tall figure" and "single piece garbage".There are ways the figures could have been *better* without needing to be *perfect*, and the lauded (alleged) goals of perfection are where pb has shown themselves to often get lost in the weeds.

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    providence, ri, garbage-artisan savant russian tsarlag (aka carlos gonzales) should need no introduction at this point - he's been trucking his moldy fruit cart of sewage-pop and bad acid storytelling across the american wasteland since longer than most people have had an email account.

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    The machine is easy to trouble shoot and maintain.It comes in a neat package you can stick in a pit at the runway edge.The pits are built so you can lift the lid and add a second machine to double the capacity if needed.Because the lid must be able to take 100,000 pound wheel loads, that pit is a real blast shelter.In fiscal '61, we ordered.

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    kefir: the candida crusher.Previously i have discussed agents that "kill" candida.Is that sufficient? i say no, it is not.Think of a pleasant green pasture with lots of horses, cows, pigs, goats and sheep happily foraging (analogous to the healthy intestinal tract with its myriads of symbiotically living bacteria and fungi).

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    (your clues are: the doorman testifies to seeing a garbage truck pull up around his lunch break.He went inside due to the noise and smell so he didn't catch the number.A while after he went in, he heard the truck backfire.The barista across from the apartments saw the same truck pull up and also saw two workers enter the alleyway.

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    - madred asks picard the names and ranks of those who accompanied him on the raid.Picard responds with "chief medical officer beverly crusher and lieutenant worf." isn't "chief medical officer" more of a title than a rank? crusher's rank is commander, in the same way that riker's rank is commander and his title is first officer.

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    best case scenario, the foe ends up with 21% from the garbage alone.The red bean's explosion itself deals 16% and kills at 155%, but its hitbox is rather small and located directly above eggman.Mean bean machine is a versatile summon and, thanks to the reduced startup, is especially useful to end a ruby chain.

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    ----recovered data fragment from the research logs of space time continuum (stc) agency field agent and founder, dr.Volt alessandro arcade-----sub-entry 091: "hotland is still ho.

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    Author's note hey folks, after a while, it's time for another hoagie and stitch fic.Starring our old pal jack (sort of).It's time to get despicable.

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    the machine gun suddenly stopped stuttering and i thought i heard a voice cry "earwicker, bloom and craft."-i've still got joyce on my mind, i decided.Then the third explosion came, and i covered my head as parts of the ceiling began falling on me.A key suddenly clanked against his cell door.

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    if you want to talk about endgame then you must use the spoiler tags for the relevant spoilery bits.For those that don't know, the bb code for spoiler tags is [spoiler]insert spoiler stuff[/spoiler].

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    I always said a navy was a bad place to be in.Consider then, mr.Jones, what they may do here! they would think nothing of cutting you up, stuffing you bit by bit into a tobacco tin, and throwing you into a stone crusher! constantine pueblo jones 53 jones {shuddering).I wouldn't think much of that either ! dodge.

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    2: the coming of the nurbs.Id known jane roller my whole lifestarting in fog and shadows of early childhood.My parents were in the rollers circle of friends, even though we werent nearly as well-off.